Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Seven cleantech blogs

A brief introduction to some of the most interesting cleantech blogs (or at least, the ones I look at most often, and which helped inspire this one). They're mostly US-centric, but all give a good insight into different aspects of technology, industry and policy.

Cleantech Investing
Rob Day, a principal at Boston-based VC @Ventures (part of the CMGI software group), provides a regular round-up of deals plus a VC's view on the commercial potential of various areas of technology. Running since March 2005, this was a big inspiration for Clean Ventures.

Cleantech Blog
Detailed commentary on a range of clean technologies, environmental and commercialisation issues. Neal Dikeman, partner at Californian investment bank Jane Capital Partners, leads a team of a dozen distinguished contributors including sustainability guru Joel Makower.

Clean Break
Toronto Star business columnist Tyler Hamilton monitors the Canadian cleantech industry and policy news. A good writer, and a great insight into what's happening north of the 49th parallel.

Green Wombat
Business 2.0 staffer Todd Woody comments on environment and technology news, and provides extra background to some of his magazine work (including a good recent feature on large-scale solar generation). Don't know about the name - I think Todd just likes wombats.

Search for Cleantech
A recently launched blog from William Brent, marketing entrepreneur and PR guy who's currently leading the cleantech practice at Weber Shandwick. Good insight into what's happening in China, where William spent 16 years.

Alternative Energy Stocks
Relatively venerable (launched July 2004) blog focusing on the alternative energy sector from a retail investor perspective, with good overviews of issues and opportunities in various sub-sectors. Recently introduced an aggregated feed of cleantech news from other sites and blogs, which makes for a useful one-stop shop.

Collaborative blog on renewable energy and other cleantech, with deal news and analysis of (mostly US) policy. I occasionally contribute from the European perspective.

If there's any other good cleantech blogs out there I should be keeping an eye on, please let me know below.

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