Sunday, 14 November 2010

Leading VC offers tips for cleantech businesses

Dr Rob Wylie of WHEB Ventures provides ten tips for cleantech businesses in the latest issue of Cleantech magazine.

Rob's Dos and Don'ts for the cleantech entrepreneur include:

1. Be realistic about cash requirements
2. Find ways to generate profitable revenue early
3. Look carefully at sales lead times
4. Avoid capital-intensive projects unless it is clear how they can be financed
5. Find an investor syndicate that will add value and has business experience
6. Be realistic about your skills
7. Hire a useful board of independent non-execs
8. Be careful of markets requiring government certification or approval
9. When it comes to distribution partners, big is not always beautiful
10. Be realistic about valuation

Read the full feature here: Ten Tips for Cleantech businesses


Anonymous said...

interesting.. but everybody knows these.. no insights..

Energias renovables said...

Good tips