Sunday, 5 June 2011

Stockholm Cleantech Showcase

Cleantech Investor organised an event at the residence of the Swedish Ambassador in London in partnership with STING Capital of Stockholm last week, showcasing cleantech companies. The event was broadcast live and a video of the presentation of each of the companies is available online at
Profiles of the presenting companies, which are at various stages of maturity and all of which are currently fund raising, are available at the following links:

  • Rehact -energy efficiency for buildings
  • SEEC - energy storage using Optimised Borehole Thermal Energy technology
  • myFC - high volume micro fuel cell technology for mobile devices
  • Cortus - "green power" from biomass gasification for process and power industries
  • Svenska Aerogel - Low cost aerogel solutions for applications ranging from insulation to cosmetics
  • Tomologic - Remote web-based process to optimise sheet metal cutting processes - the 'cloud computing' of cleantech?

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